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21st and 23rd of October we’ll join the Money Live Nordic Banking conference

Money Live Nordic Banking

On the 21st and 23rd of October, we’ll be in Copenhagen to join the Money Live Nordic Banking Conference, an international event that brings together key industry players to tackle the challenges and prepare the banking industry for ongoing digital transformation.

Igor Marcolongo InfoCert
Igor Marcolongo – Head of Business Compliance at InfoCert

Money Live Nordic Banking brings together retail banks, challengers, and FinTechs to spur innovation in banking. For three days We will speak about open banking, digital identities, personal data economy, digital payments, and customer experience to revolutionize the banking landscape.

On 22nd October at 3:15 pm, Igor Marcolongo (Head of Business Compliance at InfoCert) will join a panel discussion about the opportunity to create a banking services ecosystem to secure customer trust in new models, differentiate banks offering from that of their main competitors, choose a Third Party Provider like InfoCert to improve customer experience, considering utility, experience and security.

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