Work with us If you want the opportunity to build a solid profession through learning, experimentation and innovation InfoCert is the place you are looking for​ Company InfoCert – We are a team of professionals highly specialized in accompanying all types of organizations on the path of adopting paperless solutions. We propose innovative solutions that […]

What is digital onboarding?

What is digital onboarding? Digital onboarding is an online process whereby an individual signs up with a company or a government/institutional service or, in the case of finance, banks, in order to later access the products and services there. The individual provides their personal data, and if required, some biometric information such as a fingerprint […]

Terms of use

Terms of use Provided by InfoCert InfoCert Legal Entity Identifier is a service provided by InfoCert S.p.A. (company subject to the direction and coordination of Tinexta S.p.A.) — Piazza Sallustio, 9, Rome, 00187 — regarding the look-up and download of LEIs and LE-RD from this website by anyone. Introduction The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation […]

What is a certified communication?

What is a certified communication? Electronic Registered e-delivery service means a service that makes it possible to transmit data between third parties by electronic means and provides evidence relating to the handling of the transmitted data, including proof of sending and receiving the data. This kind of certification and control over the transmissions protects transmitted […]

what is digital preservation

What is digital preservation? Digital preservation is that “disciplined” process that allows documents to be stored in digital format, enabling, in the cases provided for by law, the destruction of the paper original or not to proceed with its printing. It serves to guarantee the authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and retrievability of documents. How does […]

What is e-invoicing?

What is e-invoicing? Einvoicing is the digital comparable version of traditional paper-based invoicing.  We can describe the process as the transfer of an electronic invoice document between a supplier and a buyer. In a few words, an electronic invoice is an invoice that has been issued, transmitted, received and archived in a structured data format […]