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Carmine Auletta, InfoCert CIO, will take a keynote speech about Blockchain governance at Infrachain Summit

Infrachain Summit

Thursday 17 October Bologna will host the Infrachain Summit, a gathering dedicated to blockchain topics. Carmine Auletta (InfoCert CIO) and Pascal Rogiest (LuxTrust CEO) will take the stage during the event.

Carmine Auletta, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer
Carmine Auletta, InfoCert CIO

Infrachain is a non-profit organization created by the emerging blockchain-related industry and supported by the Luxembourg government.

Infrachain Summit will focus on governance and compliance aspects of Blockchain without losing out of sight the technical implications. Concrete business cases will be presented and discussed from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by high-level expert speakers.

Pascal Rogiest
Pascal Rogiest, Luxtrust CEO

At 10:00 am Carmine Auletta will give a speech entitled “Whom can we trust?” on the importance of governance for blockchain-based systems:

Satoshi Nakamoto concluded its famous paper saying: «We have proposed a system for electronic transactions without relying on trust». What blockchain does is shift some of the trust in people and institutions to trust in technology, without adequately addressing the governance issues consequent to such shift. Technology (like Blockchain) is a key ingredient of every Trust Framework but alone it’s not sufficient.”

At 10:40 am Pascal Rogiest will speak about “Identity as a Service using blockchain technology: challenges, use cases, and lessons learnt”.

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