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Get the most reliable, secure and legally binding signature by InfoCert

1. Prove your

While everyone can create an electronic signature with a simple email address, a Digital ID requires an identification and ID Document validation. A digital ID is able to prove the real identity behind any signed document.

2. Easy to get,
Easy to use

Digital ID works smoothly: each user creates an account (user and password), sets up a PIN to sign and generates an OTP to confirm each transaction.

3. The highest level of Trust in the EU

Law in Europe is clear: to reach the highest legal value in signing documents digitally, users have to activate a Digital ID issued by a company certified as InfoCert. In this way, all transactions between the US, EU and other countries are always legally valid.

Much more than a simple e-signature

Get your Qualified Digital ID

(VAT excluded)
For 3 years

For high-value transactions, get our Qualified Digital ID with the highest legal value. It is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in all EU member states. You just need to prove your identity in a video call with our remote operator to get it.

How to get your Qualified Digital ID:

  1. Subscribe online
    1. Subscribe online
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  2. Validate your Identity
    2. Validate your identity
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  3. Activate your Certificate
    3. Set up your digital ID
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Our Cloud Signature Solution:


Advanced and Qualified Signatures are fully compliant with the EU eIDAS regulation.


Our digital IDs are easy to get online - it only takes a few minutes - and it's easy to do - just with your phone.


With the MyInfoCert App for iOS or Android, you can sign documents anywhere, and any time.

Certificate based

Each signature is bound to the document with data encryption to prove who signed.


Any transaction is guaranteed by strong authentication of signer.


All our processes are monitored and regularly audited by accredited authorities.

You can trust our numbers:

350+ million

digital signatures in 2017



6+ million

digital certificates issued by InfoCert
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which ID Document can be used to get a Qualified Digital ID?

We accept Passport ID of all countries. If you are an Italian or German citizen, you can also use your ID Card to complete the registration.

How does video identification work?

It is a simple recorded video chat with one of our Operators, who will ask you questions on your data and will take a picture of your ID document to verify your identity. It works with main browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Explorer) ando on Android mobile device (smartphones and tablets). Currently, Safari does not support the Video Call, neither on MacOS or iOS.

Which payment methods are accepted?

At the moment we accept Paypal only.

How can I set up my Qualified Digital ID in Adobe Sign?

At the moment of the signature within Adobe Sign you need to choose "Digital Signature." Then select "cloud ID" and choose "InfoCert" as your provider from the list. After being redirected to InfoCert's authentication page enter the email and password. After the authentication type your signature PIN and confirm the transaction with OTP.

Why do I need to download MyInfoCert App to sign?

MyInfoCert is the Mobile App (Android, iOS) necessary to activate your Digital ID and generate the OTP (one-time password) at the moment of signature. Each time you need to sign within Adobe Sign, you have to connect your Digital ID entering user and password, then the Signature PIN and finally you must confirm the transaction with the OTP generated via App.

What can I do if I get lost in the activation process?

You can easily get in touch with us through our support center. We will answer as soon as possible.