Car rental goes digital with trust services


Car rental goes digital with trust services

InfoCert was chosen by a major player in the automotive market to accelerate digital transformation.

Automotive sector

InfoCert for the Automotive sector

The automotive sector is undergoing a rapid transformation: the growing phenomenon of micro-mobility is complemented by the growing trend for rental and car sharing. In this context, forging digital partnerships will be key to ensuring not only security for increasingly demanding customers, but also a smooth and intuitive customer experience to speed up the entire car rental process.


Goal: to accelerate digital transformation

A major player in the long-term rental sector turned to InfoCert to undertake a digital transformation process involving the entire customer service network, in particular Service Points and Workshops for maintenance activities. The Customer is a world leader in the sector, with a direct international presence spread over 43 countries, more than 6,500 employees and a fleet of over 1,680,000 cars, light commercial vehicles and motorbikes.

The need was to dematerialize paper-based processes and, in particular, the documentation that must be signed by the end customer, both when collecting the vehicle from an affiliated point and when returning it.

The goal was therefore to integrate with the management software already used, an electronic signature solution that would allow the dematerialiaztion of this documentation and an increase in the efficiency of the processes themselves, eliminating the costs of paper management, reducing the time spent managing processes and the risk of fraud.


Signing new contracts is quick and easy thanks to Digital Onboarding

To meet the customer’s needs InfoCert proposed the adoption of TOP, Trusted Onboarding Platform. This platform allowed the dematerialization of the entire car rental process, implementing Live ID recognition processes and the signing of contracts with electronic signatures.

In particular, the signature solution that was proposed is the Qualified Electronic Signature based on one-shot digital certificates. This digital signature process combines the legal value of a traditional qualified signature certificate with a simpler and faster user experience, allowing the end user to affix his signature by entering a single One Time Password (OTP) received on his mobile phone.

Thanks tothe integration of TOP, the client was able to dematerialize car delivery and return reports, speeding up and improving process efficiency.

However, the digital transformation did not end there. The Client again turned to InfoCert to integrate its active electronic invoicing processes. InfoCert, thanks to Legalinvoice solution, customized specifically for the Client, was able to meet the specific requests of the Customer, including:

  • the sending of emails to customers
  • the posting of courtesy copies of paper invoices with customized formats
  • the visualization and management of invoices sent via a customized dashboard
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