Managing orders is easy thanks to digital signature


Managing orders is easier thanks to digital signatures

A major player in the retail sector turned to InfoCert for a digital transformation path.

digitalization for retail sector

InfoCert for Large-Scale Retail

The large-scale retail sector is called upon to respond to the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, where the need to automate procedures and control the various phases of the supply chain in a centralised manner has become increasingly important to ensure logistical efficiency and resilience in the face of any criticalities. Flexible working methods and business models are in fact an advantage for consumers, who benefit from faster deliveries and better customer service.


Relations with suppliers are easier thanks to digital signatures

A major player operating in the large-scale retail sector turned to InfoCert for a digital transformation path. The client is considered the largest organisation of independent retail entrepreneurs in the country, with cooperatives associating more than 2000 retailers.

It turned to InfoCert to dematerialise the process of signing contracts and orders with its suppliers, which was still tied to a Contract Management system that did not offer the possibility of digital signatures.

This innovative step would meet the need to guarantee with certainty the arrival of goods at its point of sale thanks to the real time tracking of all stages of the process: from the signature, acceptance to the countersigning of its order in a simple and immediate way.


GoSign, the solution to digitally sign and share contracts

To meet these needs, InfoCert proposed the adoption of GoSign, which immediately proved to be an added value for the customer. GoSign is InfoCert’s signature platform that enables the creation, signing, authentication and digital storage of documents and contracts that previously had to be prepared and signed physically by the entire supplier network.

Thanks to InfoCert’s GoSign, the Customer has recorded more than 3,000 transactions, involving around 1,000 suppliers to date, thus speeding up business processes and improving operational efficiency.

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