Digital trust solutions for the energy industry


Digital trust solutions for the energy industry

InfoCert was chosen by a major player in the global energy industry to digitise its billing and storage processes.

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InfoCert for the global energy industry

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of pipes and services for the energy industry has turned to InfoCert to digitize key business processes. The company, present in 16 countries, is involved in steel fabrication, tube rolling and forming, heat treatment, threading and finishing and with 5 production plants, it employs almost 2000 people.


Objective: dematerialization for more efficient production processes

As a company constantly striving to innovate and improve the production processes, the customer needed to integrate active and passive invoicing functions within its SAP management system and to digitally store Transfer and Pricing documents.


Customized and easily integrated solutions

In a first phase, InfoCert supported the client in defining an Electronic Invoicing solution and to develope an ad-hoc customization that perfectly matched the requirements: thanks to the use of InfoCert APIs, the Legalinvoice HUB solution was integrated directly within SAP in less than 2 weeks. This made it possible to maintain a single SAP access for all staff without making any changes to the user experience.

In a second step, the Company implemented the long term preservation service for Transfer and Pricing documents, ensuring full legal value and the integrity, availability and durability of the information over time.

The benefits obtained from the implementation of InfoCert’s services have been manifold: from a single access point for viewing the status of invoices and their delivery reports, to sending them for regulation-compliant storage. All this, without burdening the daily operations of administrative staff.

The company has also been able to reduce the storage space needed for document retention and, in line with its decarbonization strategy, to make its business more sustainable in terms of paper printed and ink used.

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