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Digital Customer Onboarding and Identity Management: InfoCert’s expertise at the FintechStage Festival 2019

FintechStage Festival 2019

On May 13th, we would be at FintechStage Festival 2019 in Milan, an international event that would be held unto May 17th, we would explore the latest news in the Fintech and Insurtech sector and talk about the most topical issues related to innovation in the financial world.

Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking, Cybersecurity, Wealth Management, Blockchain, and Digital Identity are just a few of the main topics that would be discussed during this Fintech Stage Festival edition.

On may 13th afternoon, during the Accenture Fintech Forum panel, Marco Di Luzio – InfoCert Chief Marketing Officer – shall make a speech about Digital Customer Onboarding and Identity Management (a new business core for financial services), to give an overview about future development for Digital Identity and about several R&D projects where InfoCert has an important role.

After that, among the other topics covered, we will talk about success markers that encourage eID solutions in Finance field, shall be discussed along with a round table where we will attend within experts and main actors on Fintech world.

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