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Digital Future, the new e-magazine of the InfoCert Group

We are pleased to announce the launch of Digital Future.

The new e-magazine, powered by InfoCert togerther with with Sixtema, Camerfirma and Luxtrust, is aimed at an international audience to provide, week by week, points of view, information and insights on digital trust services and digital innovation.

In our articles we will give space to the interests of large and small companies, professionals, citizens, and we will focus the theme of digital trust on the different market sectors.

A critical issue for businesses in this specific moment

At this time of health emergency, which has now affected the whole world, we are ideally close to doctors, nurses and all people committed to providing care and assistance to citizens, but also to businesses, which have been severely impacted by the countermeasures to contain the pandemic.

We strongly believe that Digital Trust Services are valuable resources both now and in what will follow the lock down period, when the goal will become the economic recovery. That is why we will continue to talk about them, promote their benefits and reveal tricks and secrets for a successful digitization.

The aim is to share our experience and promote the services that have turned our group into the first pan-European Qualified Trust Services Provider.

We want to create lasting and trust-based relationships with our readers, the same trust that has always underpinned our services and the relationships with all our customers.

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