Digital Identity evolution in the Financial Service Industry
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Digital Identity evolution in the Financial Service Industry, what’s next? Download the Paper by InfoCert and Tinexta Cyber.

Is now available the Paper published on “Journal of Digital Banking” Vol. 6, 1 by Henry Stewart Publications. Download it now for free.

Is now available for download the paper wrote by a team made up of experts form InfoCert, the largest European Certification Authority and Qualified Digital Trust Services Provider and Tinexta Cyber, company leader in Cybersecurity. The article has been recently published on Journal of Digital Banking Vol. 6, 1 by Henry Stewart Publications.

This paper aims to illustrate how digital identity has become an essential element of business transformation in the financial sector and how it is evolving from an asset to support business in a new revenue stream.

A new approach that will links needs of Trust and Cybersecurity, in a complex framework as Financial Services Market is.

Self-sovereign identity, a new paradigm in the Financial Services framework

Digital Identity is moving to a new paradigm that will revolutionize the approach to digital identity management, ensured by the security of blockchain technologies.

In the self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework, digital identities will no longer be merely an element to support commercial transactions but become a new strategic asset around which financial institutions must leverage to create new value, develop new business models, and generate new revenue streams.

A new approach that will allow financial market players to capitalize on the large amount of data at their disposal in full compliance with regulations.

If you want to know more, download the full paper on


  • Michele Guido Lavizzari – Chief International Development Officer at InfoCert
  • Marco Di Luzio – Chief Marketing Officer at Tinexta Cyber
  • Claudio Tommasino – Digital Communication Specialist at InfoCert