European Banking Forum 2020
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Don’t miss our speech at the European Banking Forum 2020, on November 4th at 12.50 p.m.

On Wednesday November 4th, Michele LavizzariInfoCert Chief International Development Officer – will take a speech at the European Banking Forum 2020 virtual conference.

The European Banking Forum 2020 will focus on digital transformation in retail banking. The virtual conference will brings together key players from European retail banks, challenger banks and regulatory authorities to discuss the rapidly changing banking landscape post Covid-19 and the consequent evolution of IT and digital as well as fast evolving security and risk management issues affecting the sector today.

  • What are the best strategies to protect banks’ assets and those of their customers?
  • How to ensure a smooth transition to a fully digital banking format?
  • What are the key elements needed to push for a more collaborative banking culture to stamp out cyber-crime on a global scale?

These are some of the questions we will try to answer.

Digital identity evolution in the financial sector

InfoCert speech is scheduled for Wednesday November 4th, at 12:50 pm.

Michele Lavizzari will focus on:

  • how qualified trust services could unlock innovation in the FSI sector;
  • the main challenges in financial sector;
  • a continuous-next on digital identity;
  • inspirational success stories.

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