eIDAS Summit 13 Jun 2019
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eIDAS Summit 2019, on 13th June we will bring to Berlin our expertise on digital onboarding and trust services

eIDAS Summit 13 Jun 2019

On 13 June we will be in Berlin to join the eIDAS Summit 2019, this year in its third edition. “Trust Services and Secure Electronic Identification Systems as the building blocks of digitization” is the title of this year’s event.

More than 30 speakers, experts from various branches of industry and public authorities will be present, as will standardization and security experts. Speakers will present the innovation potential in discussion rounds, lectures, and workshops and give practical insights. In the afternoon, on four stages, the summit will focus on the following topics in four parallel workshops: eIDAS Innovation Outlook, Healthcare, Finance, E-Government.

eIDAS, Trust Services, the German Anti-Money Laundering, innovative applications of trust services and their use for the digitization of processes in companies and administrations, are some of the topics on the agenda. The European political framework and the legal framework of eIDAS shall be analyzed, as well as the applications and innovations it has made possible.

As part of the workshop on the Financial sector, between 3:30 and 4:00 pm, Fabrizia BantiDigital Consultant in InfoCert ‒ will give a speech on Digital Onboarding & Customer Digital entitled Weiterentwicklung der Customer Digital Identity (A Continuous Next on Customer Digital Identity). The event will be held in German. Find out more: eIDAS Summit.

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