EPREL Qualified E-Seal

Get the qualified e-seal and register your product in the EPREL database

What is EPREL?

EPREL is the European Product Database for Energy Labelling hosted by the European Commission. It contains data on the energy performance of all those products subject to the energy consumption labelling scheme.

As of January 2022 EPREL has introduced the need for companies that require the energy label for their products, to have a Qualified E-Seal, necessary for the electronic verification required by the legislation.

What is an Electronic Seal?

The Qualified electronic Seal Certificate (QSealC) can be compared to a “qualified electronic signature” but it’s applied on behalf of legal persons, such as organizations or institutions.

The InfoCert Electronic Seal guarantees the identity of the company and if applied to a document, certifies the origin, authenticity and integrity of what is sealed. 

The Seal is regulated by the European eIDAS Regulation on digital identity.

Qualified electronic Seal Certificate (QSealC)

  • unlimited e-Seals
  • validity 3 years
  • full legal validity in EU
  • PDF and P7M e-Seals formats available
  • dedicated support service

How to apply for a Qualified Electronic Seal?

Fill out the form. Our experts will contact you back soon.

Our operators will support you for the seal request.

Get your qualified e-Seal and verify your Company on EPREL.

More than 500 customers have already chosen InfoCert to get the e-Seal!

More than 500 customers have already chosen InfoCert to get the e-Seal!

Why is the Qualified e-Seal used in EPREL?

Full legal validity in EU

Guarantee of origin and integrity of the document

eIDAS compliance


Who can request a Qualified e-Seal?

The Qualified e-Seal can be requested by the legal representative of the company or a delegated person by him/her.

What does the new legislation require?

As of January 2022, EPREL has introduced a new requirement for companies that need to register products which require an energy label: a qualified e-Seal is now necessary in order to get your company verified.

The qualified electronic seal has to include:

  • Organisation Name
  • Trading Name
  • Country of Registration
  • Business Register Number
  • Business Register ID

Who needs to register their products in EPREL database?

Registration is mandatory for the following product groups:

  • air conditioners;
  • cooking appliances (domestic);
  • dishwashers (household);
  • heaters (space and water heaters);
  • light bulbs and lamps;
  • local space heaters;
  • fridges and freezers (household);
  • refrigeration (professional);
  • refrigeration with a direct sales function;
  • solid fuel boilers;
  • electronic displays including televisions;
  • tumble driers;
  • ventilation units (residential);
  • washing machines (household);
  • tyres.

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