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Forrester confirms InfoCert as “Large Provider” of Digital Signature solutions. One of 19 global players

In its latest report, “Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021”, Forrester identifies InfoCert as a Large Provider in the sphere of Digital Trust Platforms, recognizing the status of the Italian company as a leading name in the Digital Signature sector.

On 25 March this year, the independent industry analysis company Forrester Research published a report entitled “Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021”, in which InfoCert is classified as a “Large Provider” of Digital Signature solutions; the purpose of the report is to assist professionals and enterprises in assessing the various solutions offered by different providers in the Digital Signature and Trust Services sector. The Forrester report divides the Digital Signature and Trust Services market into four different segments, placing InfoCert among players in the “Digital Trust Service Platform” category, i.e. those who meet the requirements of European regulations in matters of electronic identification and trust services, offering a range of proven solutions for clients needing to observe particularly high standards of security.


Download the report published by Forrester Research, free of charge, to see how the digital signature market has evolved and the main global players like InfoCert have performed

The report is notably useful in that it allows readers to distinguish between providers on the basis of their specific capabilities and the levels of services they offer. The “Digital Trust Service Platform” segment — in which InfoCert is named as a main player — offers the maximum level of Trust obtainable from a digital transformation services platform. This important mention confirms that InfoCert is able to ensure clients will benefit from the highest standards of compliance and governance, covering a variety of needs ranging from the simplest to the most complex.

The report goes on to analyze three further segments, namely: Digital Transformation Platforms, e-Signature Specialists and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Specialists.

Headed by Senior Analyst Enza Iannopollo, the writers of the report highlight the fact that clients must be able to access services adaptable to their needs, and accordingly, should be in a position to select the provider most likely to meet the necessary criteria of functionality and compliance through all steps of the process in question.

GoSign, the highly versatile InfoCert signature solution, has by now become a benchmark for the market. Given the facility of signing on any device, using different types of signature and customizing the solution with vertical processes, businesses are able to speed up approval and signature procedures between their own offices and those of clients and suppliers.

Commenting on the report, InfoCert CEO Danilo Cattaneo says: “to be mentioned by Forrester among the world’s “Large players” in the Digital Trust Platform sector is testament to the extraordinary efforts made by InfoCert over recent years in the Digital Trust field. Our mission is to support our clients with end-to-end solutions that give them safe and secure digital transformation, with a level of Trust and Governance scalable to suit their business needs. And with the recent acquisition of 3 new specialist CyberSecurity companies by the Tinexta group, we will be able to expand our offering still further.
Our aim is always to keep pace with developments in technology and in the regulatory scenario, which are constantly bringing changes to our market. And our attitude to improvement is undoubtedly a defining feature that has enabled us to establish a go-to reputation with many businesses and professionals who have been relying on our services for years.”

Download the report Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021