The Gartner's Mareket Guide for Electronic Signature
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Gartner declares InfoCert a leader among over 40 global players in its “Market Guide for Electronic Signature” report

In its latest Digital Signature report, Gartner identified InfoCert as a “Full-service, enterprise electronic and digital signature platform”, ranking it among the leaders of the Digital Signature industry.

The consulting firm has served as an authoritative IT advisor for over 40 years. Recently, it released its eSignature market guide, “Market Guide for Electronic Signature”, a true reference for IT and technology solutions professionals and companies. Gartner’s report put InfoCert among the top providers of Digital Signature solutions.

Download the report published by Gartner, free of charge, to see how the digital signature market has evolved and the main global players like InfoCert have performed

Gartner’s analysis is intended to guide professionals and businesses in assessing the solutions available on the market offered by providers in the field of Digital Signature and Trust Services. Gartner’s report divides Digital Signature and Trust Service providers into three categories. It assigned InfoCert to the “Full Service, enterprise electronic and Digital signature platform” category, which includes firms able to provide highly flexible technological and process services that offer all the technological characteristics required to meet the needs of large, medium and small companies, and even individual citizens.

The report is very useful because it classifies providers according to their specific capabilities and the levels of service they offer. It is an excellent source from which to analyse the latest B2B, B2C and B2E Use Cases. The report also provides a detailed view of the latest “Assurance” requirements (i.e., compliance with the standards established by European reference regulations) and technology requirements – aspects to which companies should pay special attention if they intend to embark on a path of Digital Transformation.

The “Full-service, enterprise electronic and Digital signature platform” segment, in which InfoCert has been recognised as a sector leader, includes Providers that adapt best to their clients’ every need. In fact, according to Gartner, these providers are able to support simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures, they can include industry-specific processes in their Enterprise solutions, and they are able to offer “out-of-the-box” solutions that can be integrated with third-party platforms and software such as document, HCMs, CRMs and CLMs. They also support API integration, identity verification and knowledge-base verification tools.

The report also analyses the other two supplier categories: “Stand-alone, workflow-focused, click-to-sign electronic signature platform” and “Enterprise digital signature providers”.

The Gartner team of analysts that prepared the report highlights that clients must have access to services that match their needs, their geographical areas (often characterised by different regulatory requirements) and the use case they take as reference. This is why it is essential that clients be able to choose the vendor that best meets their functionality and compliance criteria at every stage of the process.