Go faster with your business, GoSign

eSign, storage and share every kind of document, anywhere and anytime, with the highest legal value according to eIDAS european regulations.

How many time do you need to manage an approval process?

Many companies still rely on paper for approval processes, printing, transferring and physically signing, with the risk of delaying agreements or hindering sales.

Don’t waste time and opportunities, move to a fully digital approval workflow with GoSign!

Get any documents signed from any device, in just a few minutesGoSign is the solution that revolutionize your signature workflows, the best on trust, safety and time saving. 

Easy, share and sign

simple steps to sign documentscontractsapprovals​.


Just sent you the agency proposal


Already approved before flight departure 🙂


You are a step ahead, always!

1. Prepare documents

2. Define receipints and workflow

3. Get documents signed

Omnichannel: sign anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Easily interact with colleagues, suppliers or customers from remote, immediately executing your decisions.

GoSign desktop and mobile

Flexible, the level of trust and compliance you need in every document

Electronic signature​

Electronic signature

Suitable for low-risk transactions such as internal approvals. Very easy to use

Advanced electronic signature​

Advanced electronic signature​

Based on a digital certificate and unequivocal identification of the signatory. A good compromise between trust and UX.

Qualified electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature

Based on an eIDAS-compliant Qualified Digital Certificate issued by InfoCert. It guarantees 100% legal value of a transaction.

Multipurpose, manage every kind of signature workflow for any processes

Internal approval processes

For company departments, in different geographical areas and integrated with existing systems.

B2E processes

To dematerialize the relationship with employees and manage HR processes .

B2B processes

To dematerialize procurement processes and manage contracts with suppliers and partners .

B2C processes

To interact with clients and remote contract subscription .

Go better, GoSign

Reduce costs

Highly cost efficient with imminent cost savings

Enforce security and compliance

GoSign is compliant with eIDAS regulation ensuring the highest level of trust

Improve Efficiency

Reduce approval time with an easy to use solution with full legal value

Reduce risks

Fully auditable with real time tracking

Customer stories

“We are trying to simplify both internal and external processes to become a paperless company. A big part of our strategy has been using GoSign to start reducing the millions of documents that wsign and, by law, must archive for years.”​

Energy sector executive

Read TEI Study

+55% efficiency reducing time and costs​

+177% ROI​

We guide you in a digital (trust) world

Deep Analysis
Deep analysis

Each company is different: we deeply analyze your processes to understand how to improve them.

Flexible Design
Flexible Design

We design the most suitable solution for a measurable increasing value in your processes and with full legal compliance.

Agile Delivery
Agile Delivery

We easily enroll our solution into your existing application easily.

Trusted by over 2.200 companies

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