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InfoCert identified as a leader in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management 2020

Evaluation Based on Completeness of Strategy and Performance

InfoCert has been identified as a leader for Digital Transaction Management (DTM) 2020, by the Aragon Research Globe™ [1].

The 2020 Aragon Research Globe evaluated 20 major Digital Transaction Management (DTM) providers in a market that has become known as the way to automate legacy paper based transactions.

Today the DTM market keeps growing at a rapid pace.  Organizations that have deployed DTM have outpaced their competitors, offering a simplified customer journey where signing up for a service or completing a new purchase could be completely digital.

InfoCert offers several DTM capabilities focusing on electronic and digital signatures as well as digital trust services.

Aragon Research looks at three different dimensions when evaluating the participants in a market:

  • Strategy reflects the degree to which a vendor has understanding and strategic intent that is at the forefront of market direction.
  • Performance represents effectiveness in executing a vendor’s defined strategy. This includes supporting the product or service through its lifecycle.
  • Reach is a measure of the global capability that a vendor can execute. Reach is defined as being national, international, or global in nature.

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About InfoCert

InfoCert is the leading company in the field of Qualified Trusted Solutions, helping organizations digitize every business process with simple, efficient and state-of-play management solutions. We provide end-to-end Digital Identity and eSignature Solution, fostering re-usability, user convenience, compliance and security to enable trusted digital business.

Aragon Disclaimer

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[1] Aragon Research. “The Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2020” by Jim Lundy, January 23, 2020.