InfoCert Banking CIO Outlook Top 10 Regtech Solution Providers 2019
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InfoCert is in the TOP 10 Regtech Solution Providers 2019 drawn up by Banking CIO Outlook

InfoCert Banking CIO Outlook Top 10 Regtech Solution Providers 2019

InfoCert is one of the Regtech Company included in the Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 RegTech Solution Providers – 2019”.


On a global scale, banks are employing Regtech solutions for e-know-your-customer, real-time anti-money laundering screening, fraud prevention, and compliance monitoring. Today, organizations can employ third-party entities that help facilitate a compliant and secure transaction experience among them, but the rise of new and stringent regulated frameworks for digital identities and digital trust services across the globe has created new complexities and technological challenges.

To address these issues our clients can count on a reliable pool of experts who understand the nuances of regulatory frameworks and help them to build a secure environment, provide the advanced UX customers are expecting today, and guarantee full compliance with country-specific and sector-specific laws and regulations.

Our ultimate mission is to simplify transactions among businesses as a trusted third party that manages, on their behalf, all the complexity related to compliance in order to always guarantee a secure and legally binding exchange

Carmine Auletta, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer
Carmine Auletta
Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Every day we manage millions of legally binding transactions among a variety of different industries. Through advanced identity assertion tools, multifactor authentication software, e-signature services, and streamlined transaction audit trails, we ensure best-in-class security to prevent any fraudulent activity and support clients to digitally transform their business processes.

Compliance policies need to be addressed with a rigorous but, at the same time, opportunistic approach.

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