From September 5th to the 7th InfoCert will join the 11th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks (SCN 2018) in Amalfi.

The conference aims to bring together researchers in the field of cryptography and information security, practitioners, developers, and users to foster cooperation, exchange techniques, tools, experiences and ideas.

Industries, academic and government institutions will present novel research on all practical and theoretical aspects of cryptography and information security; high quality, unpublished research of theoretical and practical impact, including concepts, techniques, applications and practical experiences.

During the event we’ll discuss several important topics for InfoCert, related to cryptography and information security, including:

  • anonymity and privacy;
  • applied cryptography and implementations;
  • authentication, identification and access control;
  • cloud computing security;
  • cryptographic and security protocols;
  • digital signatures and message authentication codes;
  • distributed systems security;
  • formal security methods;
  • network, web and wireless security;
  • public-key encryption;
  • security architectures and models.

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