Request for LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

The terms contained in this form have the same meaning as those used in General Terms and Conditions for LEI SservicesThe applicant declares that the following personal data are correct and true.

1. LEGAL ENTITY REFERENCE DATA (fields marked with (*) are mandatory):


For the time being, InfoCert will accept requests from Legal Entity located in Italy, Spain, Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg).

2. AUTHORISED SIGNER REFERENCE DATA (fields marked with (*) are mandatory):


The Contract Signer could be the Legal Entity CEO or a delegated. In this case, please provide the delegation. We accept delegations only in language Italian, Spanish, French, English.

The Signer can use a qualified electronic signature OR use a handwritten-signature. In this case, please provide the scanned-contract and the signer identity card.


InfoCert S.p.A., with registered office in Rome, Piazza Sallustio, n. 9, Tax Code 07945211006, in the capacity of accredited certifier under Legislative Decree 82/2005 (“DAC”):

  • To issue a LEI – Legal Entity Identifier – in the name of the Organisation, according to the terms referred to in this request for documents listed below;


That the above data are congruent and accurate, and is aware that anyone making false declarations is punishable pursuant to criminal law and applicable special laws (Art. 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000);


That the service requested from InfoCert is regulated by:

  • This Request;
  • The General Terms and Conditions of LEI Services (hereinafter the “GTC“) present on our websites and previously read and fully accepted;
  • Other legislative measures and documents mentioned in the GTC, all previously read and fully accepted;


InfoCert to send the invoices relating to this service by email to the address indicated above, pursuant to Art. 21, para. 3 of Presidential Decree 633/1972.