DIZME presentation
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InfoCert presents DIZME, the first Digital Identity platform based on Blockchain technology and eIDAS compliant

DIZME presentation

Yesterday in Milan, InfoCert presented DIZME: a revolutionary Digital Identity platform based on Blockchain technology which combines the benefits of a distributed digital identity with full legal validity and Qualified Trust Service, in accordance with eIDAS regulation.

The interoperability between Self-Sovereign Identity and the TRUST services defined by the eIDAS regulation is made possible by the dual role of InfoCert: Founding Steward of the Sovrin Trust Framework (a US non-profit foundation established to promote the self-sovereign vision) and Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with eIDAS regulation.

DIZME is a Domain-Specific Network based on the Sovrin framework. It was designed by InfoCert and the technology implementation was carried out by eTuitus, a spin-off of the University of Salerno in which InfoCert is an investor.

“The issue of Digital Identity is the most strategic innovation area for the business transformation of various industries, as evidenced by global IT Advisors. With this in mind, DIZME is truly revolutionary: a platform that is the result of InfoCert’s constant commitment to the strategic development of the best trust solutions for a digital economy that goes beyond traditional boundaries. We are also proud because DIZME recognises and protects the right of users to independently manage, control and govern their identity”, states Daniele Citterio, InfoCert’s Chief Technology Officer (Tinexta Group). “This confirms our role as facilitators of digital transformation on a global level, based on participation in important international research and development projects, presence in various foreign markets, and partnerships with important foreign businesses”.

With DIZME, InfoCert stays ahead of the market by launching a phase of further innovation compared to simple remote enrolment of digital identity. DIZME is currently available in a BETA version and the phase of building the partner ecosystem has already begun and the first pilot projects have been launched.

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