New international success for InfoCert, which was awarded the EU tender for the digital transformation of document management and workflows of Frontex.

InfoCert GoSign

«The ambitious objectives of our digital workplace project are to improve, streamline and optimize our internal workflows and procedures; strengthen their governance and simplify their management – explains Pawel Sadownik, Frontex Project Manager – The electronic signature and electronic seal solutions are considered critical enablers to these improvements. Being able to use the technical, regulatory and business expertise as well as the innovative solutions provided by InfoCert, will strongly facilitate critically important changes in our internal processes».

Frontex is the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, tasked with border control of the European Schengen Area, in coordination with the border and coast guards of Schengen Area member states.

Supported by InfoCert, Frontex will digitalize its internal workflow processes, thereby eliminating paperreduce operational risk and increase organizational efficiency and governance. With InfoCert’s GoSign solution, signature processes will be managed easily in a fully digital and collaborative fashion, enabling the secure management and sharing of simple documentsas well as structuring seamless complex workflow procedures to be effected from any device, such as smartphones, personal computers or tablets.

Carmine Auletta | Chief Innovation Officer at InfoCert

The project, which will last for three years and could be extended, foresees InfoCert providing assistance to Frontex to implement the most advanced and technologically secure Digital Signature solutions and Digital Trust services(eIDAS compliant qualified electronic signature certificates and qualified time stamps).

«In 2016 the European Commission selected our eIDAS certified Time Stampingservice which now guarantees the full legal validity of EU official publications in electronic format – declared Carmine AulettaChief Innovation Officer of InfoCert. Today we are delighted to be able to start a new, prestigious collaboration with an important institution like Frontex. This 3 year project confirms the appeal of our solutions and the soundness of our international strategy and strengthens our motivation to pursue more ambitious expansion goals».

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