Sign wherever you are, on the web or mobile. Create real signature workflows and involve colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Why you should upgrade to BUSINESS License

With GoSign BUSINESS, in addition to the GoSign’s standard functions, you can activate the digital Signature Book and create advanced signature workflows. You can also easily manage the approval processes by sharing online the documents to be signed with whoever you want and checking the progress of the process in real time.

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Sign and manage signature workflows on any device, anywhere!

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After your 1-month free trial, there is not automatic subscription renewal. You can activate GoSign BUSINESS License for 149€ 99€ per year.

GoSign BUSINESS License gives you many benefits:

Time Savings

Less time for approvals

No more printing, sending and archiving paper documents


Full legal validity

Widespread presence, all digital

Semplified Processes

Create signature workflows

Track progress of the approval processes in real time


Sign wherever you are, on the web or mobile. Create real signature workflow
and involve colleagues, clients and suppliers.

With the Business license your Signature Book becomes digital!

  • Sign or request documents to be signed
  • Personalize the documents you send for signature
  • Manage approvals digitally
  • Share the signed practices via email or certified e-mail
  • Check in real time all the signature processes started

Moreover, your interlocutors may not have any accounts. Any signature device is enough to sign all the documents that make up the practice for legal value.

GoSign business

GoSign BUSINESS Mobile

The main features of GoSign BUSINESS are also available on mobile. With GoSign BUSINESS App you can sign at any time, anywhere!

GoSign mobile

Use your smartphone or tablet to:

  • Open and Sign all types of documents
  • Share your signed documents with anyone
  • Track the steps of signature processes in real time
  • Organize the approval processes

With the GoSign BUSINESS App manage signature processes is faster, smarter and easier than ever.