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A new corporate denomination for Tecnoinvestimenti Group, which becomes Tinexta Group

From November 12, 2018 Tecnoinvestimenti, officially becames Tinexta. The change in name reflects the path taken by the group, which aims to achieve a …

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Danilo Cattaneo AD InfoCert at Building The Future Event
Building the Digital Future: challenges and opportunities of Digital Single Market

Today in Madrid, InfoCert and Camerfirma have presented the Building the Digital Future event, with many important European experts to analyze challen …

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Building the digital future
“Building the Digital Future” InfoCert and Camerfirma are pleased to invite you in Madrid on October 17th

On Wednesday October 17th, InfoCert and Camerfirma will host well-known European experts working in different market sectors and some Spanish and Euro …

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16th Annual Retail Banking Forum
InfoCert at the Retail Banking Forum in Vienna on October 10th and 11th

On October 10th and 11th 2018, InfoCert will be in Vienna to join the 16th edition of the Retail Banking Forum, the most important European event in t …

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InfoCert and Luxtrust
InfoCert acquires 50% of LuxTrust the leading Digital Trust Service provider in Luxembourg

On the 26th of September 2018, in the presence of the Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg, Etienne Schneider, I …

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Security and Cryptography for Networks
InfoCert joins the 11th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks

From September 5th to the 7th InfoCert will join the 11th Conference on Security and Cryptography for Networks (SCN 2018) in Amalfi. The conference ai …

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InfoCert at EEMA’s 31st Annual Conference in London: Maximising Digital Transformation

Today we were present at the EEMA’s 31st Annual Conference in Londonone of Europe’s most important events in the privacy, e-identity, security and tru …

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Global Regtech Summit 2018
InfoCert at the Global Regtech Summit in London

Regtech, a blend word of “regulatory technology”, consists of a group of companies that use the latest technologies compliant with Regulation to help …

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EIC 2018
InfoCert at European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018 totalk about Identity & Digital Trust

On May 15 the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018 will take place in Munich (Germany) and InfoCert will join the event to speak about Identity …

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InfoCert Camerfirma
InfoCert underwrites a capital increase to acquire 51% of the Spanish AC Camerfirma

Tecnoinvestimenti Group, through its subsidiary InfoCert, have successfully completed the acquisition -by means of the subscription of new shares- of …

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Emerging Fintech for the Real Economy
InfoCert at Emerging Fintech for the real economy, the financing event in Bucharest

In the last few years “Emerging Funding for the Real Economy” has become a very important financing event in Romania. With prestigious keynote speaker …

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Global Baking Innovation Forum
10th Global Banking Innovation Forum: the newest trends and the most effective strategies for the financial industry

The 10th Global Banking Innovation Forum is one of the most important event for bankers from all over the world. It will take place in Prague, Czech R …

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Lending UP conference, Prague, 15-16 March
InfoCert at LendingUP! Trust Services to revolutionize the lending market

On March 15th and 16th InfoCert will be in Prague for two days of inspiration and actionable insights at LendingUP!, a international event dedicated t …

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SSL Certificates
InfoCert acknowledged as an EU Qualified Trust Service Provider of SSL Certificates

InfoCert has been recently published in the TSL (Trusted-Services Status List) for its qualified service to release SSL Certificates (Secure Sockets L …

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InfoCert at Trustech
InfoCert at Trustech: trust & innovation for e-transactions

On the 29th of November we’ll speak about trust and innovation to drive Digital Transformation. From 28th November to 30th November InfoCert will be a …

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15th Annual Retail Banking Forum in Vienna
InfoCert brings Innovation and Trust to the Retail Banking Forum

On October 10th 2017 InfoCert will join the 15th edition of the Retail Banking Forum in Vienna. On Tuesday, October 10th, InfoCert will be at the 15th …

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InfoCert at CyberTech Europe 2017
InfoCert at CyberTech Europe 2017

A unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest innovations and trends about cybersecurity frameworks. Cybertech Europe is one of the world’s l …

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InfoCert at the Future of Lending 2017 forum

The disruptive power of Trust Services in the instant lending market, with a specific mention to the ING success story. The appointment is on Tuesday, …

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A new european standard for electronic invoicing
A new european standard for electronic invoicing

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has recently developed a new standard for harmonizing electronic invoicing processes across all EU me …

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InfoCert was awarded the EU tender for the digitization of Frontex
InfoCert was awarded the EU tender for the digitization of Frontex

New international success for InfoCert, which was awarded the EU tender for the digital transformation of document management and workflows of Frontex …

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infoCert EBAday 2017
InfoCert takes part in the EBAday Payments Conference and Exhibition

InfoCert and the Europe’s most senior payments and transaction banking professionals will gather in Dublin for EBAday 2017 on 20th and 21st June. The …

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Digital Trust to unlock Digital Transformation

InfoCert at “Digital Transformation Europe 2017”, London June 8-9. For over 10 years InfoCert has designed and created digital solutions that perfectl …

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Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit
25th-27th april, InfoCert participates in the Vienna Payments Banking and Payments Mobile Summit

From April 25th to the 27th InfoCert will participate in the 6th edition of the Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payments Summit in Vienna. Carmine A …

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InfoCert at the Future of Retail banking
“Future of Retail Banking: Europe”, InfoCert presents its Digital Trust solutions for the finance industry in Amsterdam

From March 13th to the 15th , the Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam will host “The Future of Retail Banking: Europe”, an international conference focused o …

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