eIDAS Summit 2021
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On June 15th join InfoCert at the eIDAS Summit

On June the 15th InfoCert, the largest QTSP in Europe, will take part to the international conferences on the eIDAS Regulation hosted by Bitkom.

Carmine Auletta – our Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer – will present InfoCert perspective on the future of digital identity at 12:10, after that he will leave the stage to Andreas PliesCEO and Founder of Authada – presenting the digital signature solution for the German market developed together with InfoCert.

Secure, fast, and efficient: improve the digitalization of your business processes with the eIDAS tools

Remote transaction management, contract management and online identifications are constantly increasing making the digitization of operational and business processes more important than ever. Proving one’s identity is not only a necessity in the physical world, but also in an increasing number of digital contexts. Banking, government, health services, the number of processes that are moving online and require a secure and safe digital identification solution is rapidly increasing.

The digitalization of processes can greatly simplify daily activities and offers countless benefits for businesses and citizens. However, it is important to maintain high standards of privacy and security to enable a sustainable and trust-based digital future. Therefore, digitalization and security must go hand-in-hand, and the EU eIDAS regulation makes this possible.

The eIDAS Summit is Germany′s leading conference on the practical application of digital trust and identity in business. On the 15th of June 2021, you will have the opportunity to listen to influential speakers and to network digitally with eIDAS experts, decision-makers, and solution architects. Experience best-practice presentations, interactive workshops, and exciting keynotes.

“Our digital identity is the very foundation of our existence in the digital world. Europe is envisioning a significant evolution of its citizens’ digital identity moving from a patchwork of different national identity schemes to a standard scheme based on the Self-Sovreign-Identity and Zero-Knowledge-Proof paradigms.”

Carmine Auletta – InfoCert Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

Get inspired at #eidas21 and advance your business with new approaches to digitalization.