Securyng Trust in the New Digital Reality
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On June 29th follow Daniele Citterio, InfoCert CTO, at the 34th EEMA Annual Conference

On June 29th, InfoCert will take part of the 34th EEMA Annual Conference, the leading independent European Think Tank focused on identity, privacy and trust. InfoCert will participate in a program of seven live and interactive webinars, focused on the theme of Securing Trust in the New Digital Reality. More than 40 countries will be represented during the free-to-attend conference, which takes place from 29th June – 1st July 2021.

InfoCert Focuses on Self Sovereign Identity Paradigm Shift as a Platinum Sponsor of the 34th EEMA Annual Conference

Chair of EEMA, Jon Shamah, states: “We are delighted that InfoCert has chosen to be a Platinum Sponsor for this year’s EEMA Annual Conference. InfoCert is a longstanding and active member of the EEMA community, and an organization at the forefront of innovation in Self Sovereign Identity, an area of specific interest for our members and partners.” One such innovation is Dizme, a Blockchain-based app developed by the DizmeID Foundation (of which InfoCert is a Premier Member), which incorporates the benefits of distributed identity, to provide individuals with direct control over the information they share with companies, with all of the legal value and trust of a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Daniele Citterio, Chief Technology Officer at InfoCert and Chairman of the DizmeID Foundation, which is bringing together companies, institutions and other organisations interested in exploiting the power of Self Sovereign Identity (SS) and making it compliant to existing regulations explains: “SSI is creating a paradigm shift in Digital Identity Management, whereby Digital Identities will no longer be merely elements that support commercial transactions, but a new strategic asset to leverage to generate new business.” Daniele adds: “It is our aim is to implement a scalable technological solution that fully complies with the fundamental principles of SSI, to guarantee Privacy by Design and governance of the global ecosystem.”

“Decentralized Identity – what is missing before this is usable for Aunt Magda?” – Follow the session on 29th June (15:00-16.15 CEST)

Attendees of the EEMA Annual Conference will have the opportunity to learn more about the work of InfoCert and Dizme, when Daniele presents a use case, based on SSI in an eIDAS-compliant governance framework. The session takes place on 29th June (15:00-16.15 CEST), when EEMA will host the webinar entitled ‘Decentralised Identity – what is missing before this is usable for Aunt Magda?’ Daniele will be joined by John Erik Setsaas, VP Identity & Innovation, Signicat; Marc Sel, Director, Trust Warp, and Kaliya Young, Identity Woman, Expert, Consultant and a leader in the field of SSI.

EEMA Annual Conference webinars are free-to-attend and registrations are open now at: