Living Bits and Things 2020
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On September 24 meet us online at “Living Bits and Things 2020”, hurry up to get a free or premium pass

In its 2020 edition Living Bits and Things goes digital and online and gives you the possibility to join the event remotely for free on the 23rd and 24th of September.

We’ll be present with a speech about Digital ID and Trust Management on Day 2 at 09.15 am (CET).

Living Bits and Things 2020

The 2020 is the 10th edition of Living Bits and Things, the leading digital transformation event in the central and east Europe (CEE) region.

The 2-day virtual event will focus on presenting current insights and understanding of the IoT – internet of things, AI – artificial intelligence, blockchain, and digital transformation technologies. It brings up hot topics and future trends discussed during the event and challenging the professionals and experts from digital and traditional industries.

Due to fast technology progress, it is important to be able to keep up the pace not only with the IoT and technology in general, but also to be able to efficiently manage business, customers, resources, and risks. These are the challenges Living bits and things 2020 will address!

Our Speech, Digital ID and Trust Management

On Day 2 of Living Bits and Things 2020, Thursday September 24th from 9:00 to 10:45, we’ll join the “Cyber Security, Data Protection and Privacy” session.

The speech of Michele LavizzariInfoCert Chief International Development Officer – will focus on Digital ID and Trust Management. Michele will explain why these two aspects are essential for Business Transformation and how qualified Trust Services can unlock innovation in different market sectors.

How to attend the event remotely

To get a pass and join the online event from your computer, visit select an option and follow the instructions.

Regular Full Event Pass gives you the possibility to access for free to:

  • all on-line sessions of the 10th Living bits and things 2020 program during the event
  • active networking with other attendees present on-line during the event
  • all speakers present on-line during the event
  • on-line virtual booths on the platform before and during the event

The Premium Full Event Pass, available for 49€ + TAX, includes the Access to all presentations and event recordings after the event.