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Since 2007, we have been supporting our customers by designing digital solutions that accelerate and improve the digital transformation of their business processes relying on the highest level of trust.

We are recognized as a leader in our home market, and became the first Pan-European Qualified Trust Service Provider in conjunction with Sixtema, Authada, Camerfirma and CertEurope.

Our solid institutional roots and strong focus on European regulatory compliance mean we can create a Digital Champion of Trust, able to serve customers with our local companies.


Our mission is to bring cutting-edge digital solutions to all Enterprises, becoming not only a product supplier but an effective process and liability outsourcer for our Customers.

All of our Data Centres are located in Europe and all services are provided in accordance with European Regulations (GDPR and eIDAS), so we guarantee the highest level of reliability, security and confidentiality. Our Customers can be confident they are entrusting their user data to a group certified by national and international authorities and trusted by major European Banks, Insurance and Financial Services companies.

Finally, our physical presence in several countries (eight in Europe and one in Latin America) gives us a competitive advantage to serve our Customers with major cross-border delivery and innovation capabilities. Today, we deliver to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our Group

InfoCert is owned by Tinexta S.p.A., parent company of the Tinexta Group, which operates in three business areas: Digital Trust, Credit Information and Management and Innovation & Marketing Services.

Through InfoCert, Visura and Sixtema, the Digital Trust Business Unit provides digitisation, electronic billing, certified e-mail and digital signature products and services, plus services for professionals, associations and SMEs. InfoCert, Europe’s largest Certification Authority, recently acquired 51% of Camerfirma, one of Spain’s largest Certification Authorities and 60% of CertEurope, the first eIDAS compliant French Certificate Authority.

Our Credit Information & Management Business Unit, which includes the newly renamed Innolva, offers decision-making support services such as real estate and Chamber of Commerce-based information, aggregate reports, summary ratings, decision-making models, and credit assessment and collection services. REValuta offers real estate services, including appraisals and valuations. Operating through Co.Mark and Warrant Group, the Innovation & Marketing Services Business Unit offers an advisory services platform to SMEs, to support them as they grow production and expand their commercial capacity.

At 31 December 2017, the Group employed 1 187 people.

375,4 M€


98,7 M€
39,6 M€
since August 2016
NFP (Net Financial Position)
263,3 M€
Results at 31/12/2021
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