Technological Partners

Our winning strategy is based in establishing successful partnerships with leading players in the market, in order to continuously serve our customers with products and services with the highest standard level.


SAP (NYSE:SPA) provides applications and services to assist many companies operating in different market’s industries.

SAP helps people and organizations to work together in a more efficient way and to effectively use business intelligence to compete with success.

SAP applications and services enable more than 258.000 business clients to profitably operate and to constantly adapt to the market


Adobe offers to anyone, from emerging artists to the global brands, all the tools needed to design extraordinary digital experiences.

Founded in 1982 in San Jose (California) by Charles Geschke and John Warnock, Adobe produces industry-specific applications for video compositing, video editing, photo editing, web site creation, desktop publishing and to create vector graphics. One of the most important Adobe System’s invention is the Portable Document Format (PDF) format designed to create and spread documents that are compatible with the most popular operating systems.

Adobe is also the first promoter of the Cloud Signature Consortium: an international organization, including InfoCert, which is involved in the definition of new open, web and mobile standards for remote and cloud digital signatures.

InfoCert is also part of the Trusted Service Providers in the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL).


EMC is the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technologies, services and solutions that help people and organizations to convert information into new values.

EMC solves the problems of storing large amounts of data. The company is a leading provider of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks). Banks, government agencies, manufacturers and distributors use EMC systems to store and retrieve vast amounts of information and data. It also markets a line of server networks for the storage of files (NAS = Network Storage Attack) and a wide range of software products designed to manage, protect and share data. EMC is the majority owner of VMware virtualization, and it’s RDA division provides security software.

InfoCert is an EMC Selected Service Team Silver Partner.


Oracle is one of the most popular database management systems (DBMS) written in C programming language.

Oracle is part of the so-called RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System) that has established itself as the standard database of the past decade. The computer company that produces it, the Oracle Corporation, is one of the largest in the world. It was established in 1977 and is head quartered in California. The founder is Lawrence J. Ellison, the Chief Executive Officer and major shareholder.

The first version of Oracle dates back to 1977. Many changes and improvements have been made in line with technological developments, up to the current version 12c R1.

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The CMC Group (Cognicase Management Consulting) has been operating in Spain since 1993.

The company provides management consulting services as well as technology and ICT solutions. With more than 750 professionals, the CMC Group serves a hundred companies in almost all economic sectors, with a strong presence in the fields of finance, insurance, telecommunications, retail, energy, utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. CMC works for many IBEX 35 companies and operates throughout the country with offices in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Valencia and Zaragoza.

At an international level, the group is committed to an ambitious expansion plan and is already present in Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Mexico and Colombia.


Kofax is the leading provider of document-driven business process application.

For more than 20 years, Kofax (LSE: KFK) has provided winning solutions which simplify the flow of information within the organization by managing the collection, processing and exchange of important business information in paper, fax and electronic form in a more accurate, prompt and effective manner. These solutions ensure a fast return in investment for thousands of customers in the fields of financial services, public administration, business process outsourcing, healthcare, food, and other markets besides.

Kofax offers these solutions through the sale and organization of services with a global network of over 700 authorised partners in more than 60 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

InfoCert is a Kofax Platinum Pertner.


EXTEDO is the leading company in the field of Regulatory Information management (RIM) with a particular focus on optimizing the regulatory processes of its customers. The available solutions cover all the regulatory aspects of pharmaceutical companies: planning & tracking of products (XEVMPD-IDMP), dossier management and publishing (eCTD), pharmacovigilance (E2B).

EXTEDO today serves more than 700 customers in 60 countries ranging from small companies to large multinational organizations, including EMA, and over 25 regulatory authorities worldwide.

In Italy, thanks to InfoCert, over 50 pharmaceutical companies now use Extedo solutions.



FIT Solutions, the leading e-Transformation company, which was established in 1999 and now has the highest number of electronic documents in process, recently announced that it will continue its operations with the brand name Foriba, along with new mergers and acquisitions. Foriba has now closed second round investment of $5 million with the leadership of the world’s largest private sector-focused development agency, World Bank - IFC and Revo Capital and Endeavor Catalyst.

Foriba has chosen InfoCert as a partner of reference for the Italian market for electronic invoicing services and for all the other associated facets on offer.

Thanks to the integration with LegalInvoice HUB, Foriba customers have access to all the trusted services offered by InfoCert. In addition to sending and receiving electronic invoices; it is also available for digital preservation, digital signature, time-stamping, processing and document transformation services adapting to the various formats used internationally.