MARKET: Financial Services

YEAR: 2016


Digital contract signature with full legal value

Founded in 2015, Satispay is an Italian start-up that introduced a revolutionary method in the electronic payments market: an independent, easy-to-use and secure payment network that can be used via a mobile app. It is a platform available across Europe for daily payments (even small ones, like buying a cup of coffee) that drastically reduces standard bank commissions.


The objective: 100% mobile, 100% digital

Satispay is a native digital company with the mission of guaranteeing a fully mobile-based user experience. Initially, it faced the challenge of matching Regulation compliance constraints with contract signatures for service activation.

That’s why Satispay commissioned InfoCert to design a One Shot Digital Signature solution to comply with Regulations while preserving the mobile user experience.


How to innovate the traditional process

InfoCert developed a mobile-based One Shot Digital Signature based on Satispay’s business needs and a specific technological platform for the entire process. The signing process was also integrated in the subscription process to create a smooth, fluid and completely dematerialized mobile procedure.