PSD2 Certificates

Make payments more secure and protect consumers from fraud with InfoCert qualified certificates

PSD2 Qualified Digital Certificates gives you many benefits:

Improve reliability of your company

Provide clients and stakeholders with the highest level of security measures

Ensure compliance with the PSD2 Regulation

Get your InfoCert PSD2 Qualified Certificates in just a few steps:

1. Choose your PSD2 Qualified Certificate

2. Fill out the form that InfoCert will send you by entering the requested information

3. Receive your PSD2 Certificate ready to be used

Qualified eSeal
Certificate (QSealC) for PSD2

Qualified eSeal Certificate (QSealC) guarantees the authenticity and integrity of transmitted data, providing legal proof of the transaction that can be used as evidence.


1900€ 950 €
2 years  | VAT excluded

Qualified Website Authentication
Certificate (QWAC) for PSD2

A Qualified Certificates for Website Authentication (QWAC) ensures identity and role as a PSD2 provider to customers and other businesses, while encrypting sensitive data.


1900€ 950 €
2 years  | VAT excluded