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We invest annually in Research & Development an average of 6% of our turnover.

We work closely with major European Universities and Research Centers. We are the Certification Authority with the largest number of patents in the trust space.


Covid Credential Initiative

Covid Credential Initiative

InfoCert is one of the Organizations participating in the Covid Credentials Initiative.

The initiative aims to deploy digital certificates to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and enable society to return to ‘normal’ in a controlled, measurable, and privacy-preserving way.


Sovrin Identity for All

Sovrin Founding Steward

Own your digital identity

InfoCert is a Founding Steward and one of the blockchain nodes of Sovrin Network, a worldwide private-sector initiative to promote Self Sovereign Identity within Distributed Ledger.

Build a standard for cloud signature
In partnership with Adobe and other partners, InfoCert promotes the Cloud Signature Consortium, a group of industries and academic organizations committed to building a new standard for cloud-based digital signatures.
Create standards for ICT-enabled systems, applications and services
As a member of ETSI, InfoCert actively contributes to the definition of a common standard in the European regulation Scenario.
Keeping products and services safe, reliable and of good quality
ISO is a global network aiming to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency of services and products developing International Standards. InfoCert, as part of ISO, observes the development of standards and strategy.
Share digital expertise and knowledge
EEMA is the leading independent European Think Tank including topics on identification, authentication, privacy, risk management, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and mobile applications.
A boost of innovation for economy, society and public administration
Bitkom advocates digitization pushes for the faster rollout of digital infrastructure for industries and supports policies for data-driven business models. InfoCert is an associate member of Bitkom.
Digitize legal profession
InfoCert is the corporate advisor of Sweet Legal Tech, the international network funded to sustain the application of all digitalization principles and solutions within legal affairs.


DIZME This is me

The key to Digital Identity within block chain

InfoCert decided to play an active role in promoting the self-sovereign vision by subscribing to the Sovrin Founding Steward program. The company is also implementing DIZMEa platform running on top of the Sovrin networkto add the eIDAS Regulation compliance to the SSI world.

PRESENT Virtual Agent

Increase believability engaging real dialogues with customers virtually

PRESENT (Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity) sets out to create virtual digital humans that look entirely naturalistic, demonstrate emotional sensitivity, establish an engaging dialogue, add sense to the experience. The creation of realistic animated human characters increases believability and trust for users.

Secure, share and trade personal data within blockchain
KRAKEN Secure and privacy-preserving platform (broKeRage And marKEt platform for persoNal data) aims to provide market-ready tools and services, fully compliant with privacy regulations, to share and trade personal data leveraging on self-self-sovereign identity.
Ensure Digital Identity across Europe
InfoCert played a primary role in CREDENTIAL, an EU funded project to develop innovative cloud-based services for storing, managing, and sharing digital identity information and other highly critical personal data.
Use your Digital Identity in Europe
F.I.C.e.P. project (First Italian Crossborder eIDAS Proxy) objective is to develop customization of an eIDAS node to act as a service provider towards SPID and as an identity provider towards the rest of the EU.
A step towards the European Digital Single Market
FICES (First Italian Crossborder eIDAS Services) project has the scope to enable EU citizens to be logged – using Digital Identity released by their own Country – on specific services offered by Italian companies.
Make procurement better
The purpose of Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is to enable European businesses to easily deal electronically with any European public sector buyers in their procurement processes. InfoCert is qualified as Access Point Peppol.
Build a compliant eInvoicing transmission across EU
InfoCert takes part in the EeISI ( European eInvoicing Standard in Italy) project to support public administration in complying with the eInvoicing Directive 2014/55/EU and in the adoption of eDelivery services defined at European level.
Enhance Italian eInvoicing system
The aim is to reduce the complexity and legal uncertainty relating to the interpretation of the invoice content, thus allowing cross-border and cross-sectoral interoperability for public administrations, intermediaries, and private companies.
Innovate einvoicing system
SCALES (Supply Chain Architecture Leading to Enhanced Services) project aims to consolidate the national eInvoicing system (which is already EN compliant) with a strong focus on innovation. It analyzes and implements a new architecture model to process, in a cost-effective way, large volumes of electronic invoices, and integrate eInvoicing with other systems/services used in the post-award phase.
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