GoSign Desktop & PRO

Sign digital documents wherever you are, with the same legal value as a handwritten signature

GoSign Desktop

GoSign Desktop is the FREE software to manage your digital approval processes.

With the GoSign Desktop you can sign, verify and timestamp all your digital documents for FREE.

Use your PC with GoSign Desktop installed to:

  • Sign all types of documents
  • Verify signed files in any format
  • Download verification reports
  • Timestamp your documents
  • Manage your Signature Certificate

Download free software for Windows or Mac




Mac OS
10, 12+


Ubuntu 20

GoSign Desktop

All you need for basic operations is FREE


Sign all types of documents with a CAdES (.p7m) or PAdES (.pdf) signature


Verify files signed in any format (CAdES; PAdES; XAdES for .xml docs), even with a signature issued by a European Trust Service Provider


Timestamp your documents, including unsigned ones, to extend their legal validity over time

Mange signature certificates

Easily manage your Signature Certificate (activation, PIN change, renewal)


Encrypt with password and Decrypt your important documents

GoSign Mobile

The main features of GoSign Desktop are also available on mobile, so you can sign at any time, anywhere!

GoSign mobile

Use your smartphone or tablet to:

  • Open and Sign all types of documents
  • Verify signed files
  • Timestamp your documents, even unsigned ones
  • Import documents
  • Download reports

With the GoSign Mobile app, managing signature processes is faster, smarter and easier than ever!

Download the FREE app for Android or iOS

If you need massive functions, discover GoSign PRO License

Sign, Stamp and Verify multiple files at the same time, with just one click.

Why you should upgrade to the PRO License

With the GoSign PRO License you can digitally sign, verify and timestamp multiple documents at the same time by entering your PIN only once. The Countersignature function also allows you to create a sequence of digital signatures on a document, adding countersignatures to original documents without generating new files.

With the PRO license you can:


Sign multiple files simultaneously with CAdES (.p7m), PAdES (.pdf) or XAdES (.xml) signatures.


Timestamp multiple documents, even unsigned ones, at the same time.

Mange signature certificates

Create signature sequences for your contracts with the “Countersignature” function.


Manage signed and timestamped files with the “Associate and Separate” functions.


With GoSign PRO you can use all the main types of Digital Signature and Timestamp required by European Union legislation:

  • Verify European signatures
  • Apply Qualified Electronic Seals
  • Try out the XAdES format, to sign .xml files
  • Discover the PAdES LTV (Long Term Verification) format
  • Use different types of timestamp formats: .TSD, .M7M and .TSR

Getting GoSign PRO License is very simple:

1. Download FREE GoSign Desktop App

2. Buy the PRO License

3. Open GoSign and enter the license code you received by e-mail in the left menu under “License”

Pick the PRO License option for your needs

PRO License x1

1 license
GoSign PRO

49 €
for year  | VAT excluded

Annual fee per license: 49,00€

PRO License x5

5 licenses
GoSign PRO

149 €
for year  | VAT excluded

Annual fee per license: 29,80€

PRO License x10

10 licenses
GoSign PRO

249 €
for year  | VAT excluded

Annual fee per license: 24,90€