Qualified Electronic Signature

Digitally sign documents from everywhere with full legal value

Qualified Electronic Signature


79 €
3 years  | VAT excluded

The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) — or Digital Signature — is the result of an IT procedure which guarantees the authenticity, integrity and no-repudiation of electronic documents.

The QES allows users to exchange documents online with full legal validity.

Take immediate advantage of InfoCert QES to:

  • sign contracts with your customers online;
  • enable contract conclusion on smartphone or tablet, without additional hardware;
  • create a great user experience and increase the conversion rate significantly.

Secure your transactions, use a Qualified Electronic Signature as legal equivalent of handwritten signature. The signer is uniquely identified through an online video identification.

Please note: during the online video identification session (available from Monday to Friday, 9:00-18:00 CET) you need to have a passport or, only for Italian and German citiziens, an ID Card.

Cloud Signature Consosrtium

It provides the highest level of trust and security in accordance with eIDAS standards and Cloud Signature Consortium.

More than a simple e-signature:

  • Streamline approval processes
  • Enhance user experience
  • Finalize deals online
  • Guarantee high level of Trust and security

If you need technical assistance, please contact us at InfoCert Help.