Certify the date and time on digital documents with full legal value enforceable against third parties

What are Timestamps?

The timestamp is a sequence of characters containing a precise date and time, generated by a Time Stamping Authority (TSA) as InfoCert.

Timestamps can be affixed to all types of digital documents, even documents that are not digitally signed, and extend their legal validity in all states of the European Union, up to 20 years.

How can I know if a timestamped document shows the correct date and time?

The TSA InfoCert is synchronized with the signal emitted by an advanced device located in the data center which ensures the correctness of date and time.

When and how can I use the purchased Timestamps?

After completing the purchase of InfoCert Timestamps, they are immediately available. You can start to impress all types of digital document using:

InfoCert Timestamps give you many benefits:

Validate the date and time on IT documents

Extend the validity of documents over time (20 years)

Have full legal value in all states of the European Union

Guarantee secure and non-manipulable information

Choose the best Timestamp Pack for your needs

Extra Small Pack

20 Timestamps


9 €
VAT excluded

Small Pack

150 Timestamps


45 €
VAT excluded

Medium Pack

500 Timestamps


140 €
VAT excluded

Large Pack

1000 Timestamps


260 €
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Extra Large Pack

3000 Timestamps


750 €
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