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e-Signature as the basis of Digitization of human workflows

Most companies use ERP and ECM to manage signature and authorization processes but there’s always the same problem at the end of those workflows: you still have to print, sign and deliver documents to customers.

With our InfoCert GoSign Digital Trust Solution for Transactions & Approvals, companies can digitally prepare, sign, authenticate and store agreements that previously had to be prepared and signed physically.

GoSign reduces the time required to prepare and sign agreements and guarantees full legal value of transactions and signed documents. Savings are especially impressive for contracts with third-party organizations (e.g. business partners or customers).

The simplest way to get documents signed

With GoSign, you can easily move from a partially digital document signature process to a fully trusted end-to-end digital approach.

Simplify both internal and external processes, leverage mobile devices and access people working away from office environments. Easily interact with colleagues or customers, immediately executing your decisions, any time and anywhere!


  1. Create the dossier with documents to be approved and any attachments.
  2. Upload documents from different sources (desktop, mobile phone, cloud storage, ERP, etc.).
  3. Assign approval actions and signature tags.
  4. Define deadline, urgency and notification methods.


  1. Enter the recipients.
  2. Set the sequence in which the dossier is to be approved and/or signed.
  3. Leverage signature policy capabilities to define pre-configured processes.


  1. Access your documents from desktop or mobile..
  2. Check attachments and notes off line as well.
  3. Use any type of digital signature (Electronic, Advanced or Qualified) to sign documents.

GoSign supports all electronic signatures defined in eIDAS Regulation

Electronic signature​

Electronic signature

Suitable for low-risk transactions such as internal approvals. Very easy to use

Advanced electronic signature​

Advanced electronic signature​

Based on a digital certificate and unequivocal identification of the signatory. A good compromise between trust and UX.

Qualified electronic signature

Qualified electronic signature

Based on an eIDAS-compliant Qualified Digital Certificate issued by InfoCert. It guarantees 100% legal value of a transaction.

GoSign covers global requirements for electronic signature. Would you like to find out which e-signature is recognized in your country?

GoSign covers global requirements for electronic signature.
Would you like to find out which e-signature is recognized in your country?

Use Cases

One solution, many possible applications to digitize your transactions and approvals processes

  • Internal Approval Processes

    Internal authorization approvals along the value chain and from different locations, integrated with enterprise systems.

  • Business to Employees

    Digitization of employee onboarding and HR management within the organization.

  • Business to Consumers

    Digitization of customer interactions: from prospect acquisition to remote contracting to remote contract management.

  • Business to Business

    Digitization of procurement processes and management of contracts with suppliers and partners.


Here are just a few of the benefits of applying InfoCert GoSign in your company


Sign documents at any time and anywhere

Full legal and regulatory compliance

Automatic digital archiving of signed documents


No more printing, sending and archiving of paper documents

Effective geographic coverage with no need for physical resources

Significant time reduction for approvals


Easy-to-use solution with full legal value

Signing processes extended to customers, partners, and suppliers

Standard API for easy integration


Customized approval workflows

Full process and transaction governance

Business cases

Learn more about the huge potential impact of InfoCert’s solutions


Our digital trust solutions meet the needs of companies in every market


We help automotive companies create new business models where digital meets physical.


We support Telcos in their digital challenge to acquire and retain customers.


We help Pharma to redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance.

Evolution of Financial Services

We provide innovative solutions to Banks and other Financial Services, supporting the transition to a Smart Digital Banking model.


We help Insurance Companies protect margins and profitability by leveraging Digital Trust


With our Digital Trust Solutions, we help Utilities transform to stay ahead of the curve

Customer Success Stories

See how our solutions have helped our customers successfully digitize their business processes

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