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Ensure transactions, get trusted identity

Customer identification is a crucial step in any on-line transaction.

Digitalization is an increasingly important part of organizations and consumers life. Everything is getting smarter, faster and more connected. Companies and consumers exchange digital information with different counterparts, even with machines.

To enable global deals while keeping the highest information assurance, it is important to ensure transactions for both parties, particularly in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, automotive and eCommerce platform.

Thanks to InfoCert solutions, companies can verify consumers’ identity within a few minutes, in the way that  best suits their business.

Easy, secure and compliant with the eIDAS regulation.

Verify your identity within a few minutes. Easy for costumers, safe and flexible for organizations

Get Identity Document

Our Artificial Intelligence tools allow to automatically extract and analyze data and photo on ID documents
identity recognition

Data extraction
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used to identify and extract data from the ID document. The module can also work off line on mobile devices using an SDK integrated into a mobile app.

Pattern matching
The module checks the positions of data in the ID document under normal light conditions. Images of the identity document can be verified using advanced text and image analysis techniques.

Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) is a document format containing the document holder’s data in a form that is both visually readable and encoded for optical character recognition.

eID NFC reading
This component can access any eMRTD (electronic Machine Readable Travel Document) via NFC to obtain the owner’s personal data and photo.

Liveness detection
Liveness detection ensures that there is an actual person in front of the camera, and not a photo or streamed video.

Face matching
Face matching technology automatically checks that the person providing the ID document is the same person the document belongs to.

Check identity

Our Automated processes enable a real time verification of the validity of the ID documents
Identity validation

Identity document validation
Automatic and real-time verification of identity document validity, with the possibility of querying third-party databases for further checks.

Personal data validation
Used by organizations that need to verify the identity of their customers with an on-line service that can be integrated or accessed directly on line using premium data sources.

Certificate validation
An electronic document’s authenticity can be established only if the document is signed using a private key for which the corresponding certificate is known.

Recognize identity

Our platform gives you the opportunity to digitally identify your customer either remotely, face to face or leveraging an existing identity


Live ID
Live ID requires a face-to-face meeting between the person being identified and an operator entitled to perform recognition.


Video ID
A remote assisted identification process where an operator verifies the customer’s identity through a live video call.


Self ID
An unattended self-identification process that leverages machine learning and biometric technologies to automate identification steps.


Aut ID
With Aut ID, InfoCert identification is based on a pre-existing means of identification.


Sign ID
With Sign ID, InfoCert uses the identification already performed by another Qualified Trust Service Provider to let the user complete the identification phase.


With AML ID, the subject’s identity can be verified by entities subject to obligations under Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws.

Use Cases

A solution for every industries

  • Banking

    Get consumers online, quickly and safely

    Beat the competition, speed up the account opening process being compliant with the Money Laundering Act.

  • Insurance

    Avoid digital fraud

    Protect sensitive information from un-authorised access.

  • Consumer credit

    Provide loans quickly

    Get a secure instant lending process, reducing time, costs and frauds, improving customer experience.

  • Telco

    Win more customers

    Make the process to provide SIM cards easier, quicker, and safer, and increase the number of customers subscribing to your service”.

  • On-line Gaming

    Be compliant

    Verify the identity of your users to ensure respect for age limits.

  • Factoring

    Minimize risk

    Get trusted identity to clients (sellers) and debtors (invoice payers acquired), face to face or remotely, with a high level of security.


Get a trusted identity anywhere, quickly, and safely


Reach customers anywhere, at any time, and from any device thanks to face to face, remote, and existing identity validation


Ensure identification and validation of identity with reliable processes


Optimize the identification and onboarding processes collecting legal evidence through strong identification method and no physical resource needed


100% digital process, with the highest legal value

Business cases

Learn more about the huge potential impact of InfoCert’s solutions


Our digital trust solutions meet the needs of companies in every market

Evolution of Financial Services

We provide innovative solutions to Banks and other Financial Services, supporting the transition to a Smart Digital Banking model.


We help Insurance Companies protect margins and profitability by leveraging Digital Trust


With our Digital Trust Solutions, we help Utilities transform to stay ahead of the curve


We help automotive companies create new business models where digital meets physical.


We support Telcos in their digital challenge to acquire and retain customers.


We help Pharma to redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance.

Customer Success Stories

See how our solutions have helped our customers successfully digitize their business processes

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