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  • “Applicant”: any Legal Entity, which makes an application to InfoCert in order to use the Service, directly or by means of a Delegate, upon approval of these General Contract Conditions;
  • “Common Data File Formats” means the mandatory requirements for the structure and content of LE-RD as set out in the currently valid versions of the “LEI Data File Formats”.
  • “Delegate”: indicates the individual or entity (either a company or a legal entity or a professional/consultant) registered with a professional Register (“albo professionale”) authorized by the Applicant by means of the execution of the Proxy Form to execute, in the name and on behalf of the Applicant, the Application Form and adhere to this General Terms and Conditions for the release of a LEI and the related LEI Services under the Contract;
  • “General Terms and Conditions” means these general terms and conditions for the issue and regulation of LEI in favor of an Applicant, attached and accepted by the Applicant in the Application Form.
  • “GLEIF”: means the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation, a non-profit foundation incorporated by the Financial Stability Board (“FSB”) under the laws of Switzerland, with registered office on Sr. Alban-Vorstadt 5, 4052 Basel/Switzerland.
  • “GLEIF Master Agreement” means the agreement executed between any LOU and GLEIF which sets forth the main rights and obligations of any LOU to issue LEI within the GLEIS.
  • “GLEIS” means the Global Legal Entity Identifiers System is the system created and managed by GLEIF with the collaboration of the LOUs that enables the clear and unambiguous identification of Legal Entities participating in financial transactions.
  • “Government Entity” means any national, regional, provincial, state, local, municipal or other governmental body, tribunal, commission, court or regulatory or other agency, including any of its political or administrative subdivisions, as applicable and as determined by relevant law.
  • The burden of proof that an entity is to be considered as Government Entity stays either with the particular entity or with its competent supervisory agency.
  • “Legal Entity Identifier” or “LEI”: an identifier of Legal Entities being party to financial transactions across the globe, with pertaining Legal Entity Reference Data, to be used by authorities and by the private sector to support improved risk management, increased operational efficiency and other needs;
  • “Legal Entity Reference Data” or “LE-RD”: means the data linked to the Applicant as defined by the currently valid Common Data File Formats, describing business card and relationship information related to corresponding ROC policies.
  • “Legal Entity” is a Government Entity or a company or other private legal entity, regardless of its legal form and different from an individual as natural person, which, in its relevant jurisdiction has the right to be holder and make use of rights and obligations and which is legally allowed to engage in financial transactions under the laws and regulations of its own jurisdiction.
  • “LEI”: indicates the unique and universal 20-character string identifier for the identification of the Legal Entities engaged in the financial transactions, elaborated according to the rules of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 17442) and the LEI Regulations;

Make reference to the mail adress to request information, and update Reference Data for every LEI or LE-RD.

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