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Give your communications a legal value, thanks to e-delivery

Today, e-mail is the ubiquitous method of communication on the Internet, widely used for both private and business purposes.

Every day we exchange notices, commercial offers, working documents and important messages with employees, customers and business partners. But e-mail was developed when the Internet was a much smaller place, designed without any privacy or security in mind!

What your company needs is a qualified and interoperable eDelivery System for trusted end-to-end processes.

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Legalmail is InfoCert’s qualified electronic registered delivery, which:

  • time stamps every message and provides evidence relating to the handling of the transmitted messages;
  • protects transmitted data against loss, theft, damage or unauthorized alterations;
  • represents the official on-line communication channel between citizens, enterprises and the Public Administration in Italy.

Legalmail provides a scalable and customizable platform that you can easily integrate into your business processes to improve your confidential and important communication management.

Use Cases

What can you accomplish when you adopt InfoCert Legalmail in your company?

  • Network Communication

    Manage all network communications with your offices, subsidiaries, franchisees, agents and resellers

  • Confidential Messages

    Send and keep private internal messages and documents containing business plans, patents and strategic decisions.

  • Rule-based Filters

    Set up rule-based filters to automatically sort all incoming messages to the appropriate offices.

  • Calls For Tenders

    Send information and documents required by public authorities for participation in calls for tenders.

  • Meeting Calls

    To convene board meetings, internal meetings and shareholders’ meetings.

  • Internal Communications

    To send employees internal company circulars, important communications and pay slips.


What does InfoCert Legalmail have that traditional document delivery services don’t?


Legal proof and certainty of delivery, plus authentication of the sender’s mailbox


Legalmail can be used with the same tools as traditional e-mail services (such as Outlook) or via webmail, delivering e-mails from anywhere to multiple recipients


LegalMail works only over secure communication protocols such as https, SMTPs, IMAPs and POP3s


Interoperability with other PEC (italian acronym standing for ‘Certified email’) providers listed by AgID in Italy is guaranteed

Business cases

Learn more about the huge potential impact of InfoCert’s solutions


Our digital trust solutions meet the needs of companies in every market


We help automotive companies create new business models where digital meets physical.


We support Telcos in their digital challenge to acquire and retain customers.


We help Pharma to redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance.

Evolution of Financial Services

We provide innovative solutions to Banks and other Financial Services, supporting the transition to a Smart Digital Banking model.


We help Insurance Companies protect margins and profitability by leveraging Digital Trust


With our Digital Trust Solutions, we help Utilities transform to stay ahead of the curve

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