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Alfonso Carcasona (Camerfirma), Danilo Cattaneo (InfoCert) and Pascal Rogiest (Luxtrust)
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The joint venture between InfoCert, LuxTrust, and Camerfirma goes pragmatic on February 26th in Luxembourg

Alfonso Carcasona (Camerfirma), Danilo Cattaneo (InfoCert) and Pascal Rogiest (Luxtrust)

On 26th February 2019, an important meeting organized by InfoCert and LuxTrust will take place at the Etablissement Namur, Rue de Bitbourg 2, Luxembourg.

The event, which will be attended by top managers from the financial sector, kicks off the partnership between LuxTrust and InfoCert aimed at the Benelux and French markets. This partnership, together with the acquisition of the Spanish CA Camerfirma by InfoCert, aims to create the first European Digital Trust Champion able to serve with its digital trust solutions all markets of the continent.


5 months ago, InfoCert signed an agreement – supported by the Tinexta Group, of which InfoCert is a member – to acquire 50% of LuxTrust, leading Qualified Trust Service Provider and Certification Authority in the Digital Trust sector in Luxembourg. Its mission and objectives perfectly reflect those of InfoCert: to increase confidence in the digital economy and encourage business efficiency through innovative and reliable solutions.

In line with Forrester’s 2019 forecasts, LuxTrust, InfoCert, and Camerfirma intend to make a concrete contribution to the spread of digital trust services in Italy, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Spain by leveraging their expertise and experience in the field of technology and regulatory compliance.


After an introduction by Serge Allegrezza (President of LuxTrust Board) and Pier Andrea Chevallard (CEO, Director & GM of Tinexta), with the contribution of the independent analyst Aurelie L’Hostis of Forrester, we will examine the challenges and opportunities that await all European financial institutions within the framework of the Digital Single Market.

Following – during a round table attended by CEOs Danilo Cattaneo of InfoCert, Pascal Rogiest of LuxTrust, Alfonso Carcassona of Camerfirma and Pier Andrea Chevallard of Tinexta Group – will be presented the solutions available on the European market through the joint venture between InfoCert, LuxTrust, and Camerfirma.

Konstantinos Kapsouropoulos, Policy Officer at DG Connect of the European Commission, will also be present to talk about digital transformation in Europe.

Find out more about the event and download the presentation at the following link:

2019, the year digital transformation goes pragmatic

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