TOP - Trusted Onboarding Platform

The Solution for distance contracting with full legal validity.
100% Paperless, 100% online, 100% eIDAS compliant

Choose InfoCert TOP and get 174% ROI in 6 months

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With our solution already adopted by 30 large Enterprises in Europe, it is possible to easily sign any kind of contract online with full legal validity.

The Trusted onboarding platform improves user experience and significantly reduce risk of frauds.

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Download this Forrester Report which analyze all the benefits enterprises get by adopting TOP platform:

  • + 174% ROI
  • − 84% Fraud Risks reduction
  • + 30% conversion rate from prospect to customer thanks to 100% digital experience

This Study has been realized with Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, developed to measure any technology investment in terms of benefits, costs, flexibility and risks.

TOP already adopted by major BANKS in EU


Daniela Pivato

Head of IT & Innovation


Paolo Giambertone

Head of Digital Channels

10 reasons to go digital with TOP

  1. End to end paperless process for any kind of contract

  2. Increase governance and reduce tremendously risk of frauds

  3. More efficiency in Back office operations

  4. Significantly reduction in customers’ churn rate

  5. Cut down errors rate or non-compliance of documents 

  1. The solidity of the largest CA in Europe

  2. Easy to integrate in any existing website

  3. Significant increase in prospect customer conversion rate

  4. Full legal validity of contracts

  5. Real-time availability of documents digitally signed