Webinar - Digital Trust Services to Unlock Innovation in Financial Services

Today, trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy and, in financial services, digital trust plays a crucial role to build a solid relationship with customers.

Data and online services are evolving from being a valuable resource to becoming the basis for entire business models. In this scenario, many questions still require an answer.

Why Digital Trust is so much important in the Financial Services Industry? How can it unlock innovation in a very regulated sector? Which is the potential ROI Banks may realize by implementing Digital Trust Solutions? How can the latter simultaneously improve customer experience and reduce fraud rate?

Get the answers to these questions watching this webinar!


Marco di Luzio InfoCert

Marco Di Luzio

Chief Marketing Officer at InfoCert

Igor Marcolongo InfoCert

Igor Marcolongo

Head of Business Compliance at InfoCert

Dean Davison Forrester Research

Dean Davison

Principal Consultant at Forrester Research

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