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Sign digital documents wherever you are, with the same legal value of a handwritten signature

InfoCert QES provides the highest level of trust and security.

It is in accordance with eIDAS standards and Cloud Signature Consortium.

InfoCert is a qualified member of the Cloud Signature Consortium for 2021.

With Qualified Electronic Signature you can sign online contracts.

What is an Electronic Signature (eSignature)?

The European Union defines three types of electronic signature: simple electronic signatures (SES), advanced electronic signatures (AES) and qualified electronic signatures (QES). Each type provides a different level of proof of identification and legal validity for the purpose of approving or executing a document transaction. Electronic signatures are portable and are supported by a technology that ensures their authenticity. All EU Member States conform fully to the latest regulations governing the legal effectiveness of electronic signatures.

What is the Qualified Electronic Signature?



A Qualified Electronic Signature is an Advanced Electronic Signature based on a qualified certificate and is generated by an IT procedure that ensures the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of electronic documents.


Identification process

The QES certificate is issued by a qualified trust service provider only on completion of a specific online identification process that proves the real identity of the signatory.


Sign your documents from any device

You can sign documents on your PC or smartphone, or directly online, and share documents with whoever you wish.

All electronic signatures

GoSign supports all electronic signatures defined eIDAS Regulation

Simple Electronic Signature

Basic lock
For your everyday transactions
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Service Contracts
  • Simple commercial transactions

Advanced Electronic Signature

Advanced locklock
For your everyday transactions
  • Purchase contracts
  • Partnership Contracts
  • Personal insurance contracts

Qualified Electronic Signature

Max validity locklocklock
For your important digital transactions
  • Customer credit contracts
  • Property purchase Contracts
  • Rental contracts
  • Audit reports
  • Customer loan contracts
  • Bank current account contracts

Simple Electronic Signature

Advanced Electronic Signature

Qualified Electronic Signature

InfoCert Qualified Electronic Signature gives you immediate benefits:

Improve the

Guarantee high level of trust and security

Enhance user

Finalize deals

Ensure full compliance with EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS)

Streamline approval

Did you know that you need special software to sign a document digitally?

Whether you have purchased a QES certificate or want to verify the validity of a signature on a document, GoSign Suite is the ideal way to manage all signature processes.

Sign digital documents from anywhere with QES

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Video-identification with remote operator. Rely on our specialists

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Use NFC technology and prove your identity anywhere, any time. Why choose eDoc ID:

Online Video Call

Online video call with our remote operator. During the online video-identification session (available from Monday to Friday, 9:00-18:00 CET) you will need a currently valid passport or ID Card (Italian and German citizens only).

eDoc ID

This identification process is only available on mobile phones (smartphone with Android 7+ or iOS 13+ with NFC technology).
Make sure that you have a currently valid electronic passport before proceeding, or an electronic ID Card (Italian citizens only).

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