The reliable and eIDAS compliant digital preservation solution

Guarantee the integrity, availability and durability of documents

Migrate documents in standard and open formats for readability

Manage permissions and authorize users and their access to documents

Ensure Compliance with national and international standards

Are your digital documents securely preserved over time?

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Keeping business documents carefully has always been important for organisations. Now that digital transformation is no longer an option but a necessary choice to stay competitive, it is important to digitally store and archive your documents safely.

Safe LTA, the InfoCert long-term archiving solution, allows your organization to preserve trustworthy, integrity, authentic digital documents and to ensure long-term access.

A range of possibilities

Discover how Safe LTA can meet your needs

Digital contracts archiving​

Digitally signed contracts need to keep their legal value in years to come. Safe LTA allows to mantain them in a condition suitable for use, while protecting the object’s identity, integrity and authenticity.

Customer requesting documents​

If a customer requests a document, it can take a lot of time producing that document. Safe LTA allows fast access to customer documents, saving time and improving efficiency.


Investment firms and Credit institution are held to keep a record of all the transactions they concluded and the related communication. Safe LTA allows them to be properly archived and readily available.​

Safe LTA lets you digitally preserve many types of documents

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By 2022, thanks to 68 billion digitally stored pages, we supported our customers to:

  • digitalize over 736 thousand square metres of archives, equivalent to about 9,000 volleyball courts
  • save the equivalent of over 860 thousand trees

Why to choose Safe LTA for your digital preservation?

Ready to digitalize your processes?

Exploit the possibility of an ominchannel solution

Use Safe LTA from the web, desktop, or integrate third-party apps

Safe LTA has a user-friendly web interface, which makes it intuitive to perform any activity aimed at managing uploaded documents (archiving, searching, broadcasting, etc.)

Standard web services are available as an interface for integration with external applications.

Preservation Process

Safe LTA is a preservation system designed in compliance with the EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) and with the principles of the EU Regulations 2016/679 (GDPR): it ensures documents integrity, readability, authenticity and availability. Safe LTA is an OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant preservation system. It is compliant with Audit and Certification of Trustworty repositories ISO standard. Moreover, thanks an architecture scalable on the regulatory requirements of individual countries, it is possible manage additional local requirements in order, for example, to obtain national certifications.for Information Packages.

We transform our values into actions

InfoCert participates in numerous projects dedicated to environmental sustainability and inclusion.

Business cases

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Customer success stories

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