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InfoCert & Tinexta Cyber

As InfoCert, we ensure secure digital transactions for our customers by providing simple, easily integrated solutions with an intuitive customer experience. To this, we combine the expertise and experience of Tinexta Cyber, the Italian cyber security hub. Together we provide the best services to ensure the cyber security and business continuity of your organization.

Find out how Tinexta Cyber meets the needs of your organisation


Collect valuable information

Identify business threats outside your company perimeter, research emerging threats, perform early warning activities.

Quantify your risk level

Define the cyber perimeter and risk and build a defence strategy to face cybersecurity threats.

Protect your cyber space

Identify cyber threats operating in the corporate perimeter. Counteract and blocks cyber attacks. Manage cyber Incidents.

Train your staff to be unbreakable!

Professional Training and Awareness, in addition to Technology, are the key to greater protection of the corporate perimeter thanks to the involvement of every single member of the organisation. Find out all the training courses available to strengthen the security level of your organization.

The Cyber Cluster of Tinexta Group

Tinexta Cyber secures our client companies’ business with verticalised solutions, improving competitiveness and business resiliency. This is possibile thanks to the 3 companies part of the project:




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