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    Why to choose SAFE LTA to preserve your documents?


    Safe LTA is a preservation system, defined as the whole of the tools, processes, and standards aimed at prolonging the existence of a digital object by maintaining it in a condition suitable for use and granting integrity, readability, authenticity and availability of documents over time. Safe LTA allows to maintain the same legal value of a paper document, making the digital document opposable to third parties.


    SAFE LTA Solution is designed in compliance with the EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS) and with the principles of the EU Regulations 2016/679 (GDPR). Moreover, SAFE LTA is based on international standards for the implementation of long-term preservation systems for digital objects and on standards for the transmission, description and preservation of digital data, to ensure the highest level of interoperability. The use of open and internationally-recognized metadata formats has been a key factor in the choice of metadata models for objects description, Information packages structure and preservation actions. In addition to international standards and best practices adopted by design, thanks to its modular and flexible architecture, SAFE LTA can be adapted to fulfill additional local requirements and obtain national certifications or accreditations.


    From increased process efficiency and transparency to reduced costs for printing and archiving documentation, the adoption of SAFE LTA offers numerous benefits for businesses:

    · Storage outsourcing and reduction of data breach risk

    · Optimization of physical spaces dedicated to document archives

    · Probative value of electronic archives

    · Secure retrieval of documents and connected information

    · Better control of archival processes

    · Instant location of a document

    · Reduction of direct and indirect costs for document management activities

    · Optimization of working time


    Last but not least, SAFE LTA can be used both as a Web application that allows performing all the tasks required to interact with the system and as a standard web service, integrated within external applications.

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