The modular solution to speed up and secure your customer onboarding

Engage new customers in a multi-channel mode whenever and wherever you like.

Choose the identity corroboration and validation method that best fits your needs

Use different types of electronic signatures and share documents signed with your customers

Digitally archive documents to maintain their legal value and readibility over time

How much time do you need to onboard new customers?

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Many companies still rely on long and complex onboarding processes and procedures. However, having a proper customer onboarding strategy in place is key to beat the competition.

Trusted Onboarding Platform™ ( TOP), InfoCert’s patented solution for customer onboarding, enables a fast and secure customer identification and integration of e-signature processes within existing systems.

Secure. Flexible. Compliant.

TOP, Trusted Onboarding Platform, is a modular solution comprising building blocks ready to be configured according to your specific needs.

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Ensure compliance with AML Directive

Identify your customers in accordance with the Legislative Decree
231/2007, ensuring the full compliance with the AML Directive


Perform new upselling activities

Get a secure instant lending process while reducing time, cost, risk of fraud, and improving customer experience.


Speed up subscription of new policies

Perform a 100% digital onboarding process to get your customers faster. Allow the opening of an insurance policy in just few minutes, ensuring an easy and intuitive customer experience thanks to electronic or biometric signature, either online or offline


Perform your sales operations faster

Identify your clients and close your deals faster. Speed up your sales operations to be one step ahead of the competition.


Sell your SIM card easily

With TOP you can perform a remote online identification to sell your customers SIM cards in compliance with anti-terrorism regulation.

Identifies your clients

Identify your clients and debtors, face to face or remotely, with a high level of security and the lowest possible level of risk.

TOP 5 reasons to choose our Digital Onboarding

Your onboarding processes are greener thanks to InfoCert TOP®: up to -86% kg of CO2 saved compared to the traditional method*

*The results are based on the LCA study (Revision n-01 of 09/12/2022) carried out by Spin Life and verified by CSQA according to the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 requirements. The savings in terms of CO2eq was evalluated by comparing the most representative onboarding service of InfoCert TOP® or that of opening a bank account (in the phases of data collection, identification,signature and finalization) completely digitally thanks to InfoCert TOP® compared to the traditional method at the bank office, with de visu identification and printing of the contract.

TOP, the InfoCert Digital Trust solution for AML Identification

Among the different identification methods that IC can use there is the AML ID.
Thanks to the AML ID, the Certification Authority can leverage the subject identification previously performed by a Financial Institution, to comply with the AML regulation, to issue a qualified electronic certificate.

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