Enhance compliance and reduce costs with electronic invoicing process

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Sign your invoices automatically or delegate to InfoCert

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Legalinvoice HUB: the solution tailor-made for your organization

Thanks to Legalinvoice HUB, large companies and more structured organisations can integrate the e-invoicing service through API or FTP-based application interfaces and volume-based cost models.

Enhance compliance and reduce costs with Legalinvoice HUB

Find out all the benefits of a 100% electronic invoice tailor-made solution


Time saving

Reduce invoice or payment sending times. Ensure a faster cash retrieval from your customers.


Process integration

Ensure a quicker and cheaper processing, since electronic invoice information can be integrated directly into the company’s payment and accounting systems.



Reduce printing and postage costs.


Risk mitigation

Reduce training and system development costs.

EU Countries and the European Commission decided to introduce a European Standard for e-Invoicing

E-Invoice Legal Framework: the roadmap

While it is mandatory for all contracting authorities and entities to receive and process e-Invoices complying with the European standard, specific rules will still apply at national level. The result of the Commission’s initiative is a common standard rather than an European e-invoicing infrastructure, which, instead, will be provided by market-based service providers such as InfoCert.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert TOP for istant lending
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