Telcos benefit from trust


Confront competitors’ actions and meet customer needs

Recent EY studies reveal that the telecommunication sector is still vulnerable to competition in terms of technology cycles to respond to competitors’ actions and meet customer needs.

Between the price war in  acquiring and retaining customers and the erosion of legacy revenue streams, operators are forced to apply new digital business models driven by customer experience and cost control.

That’s why InfoCert is a key partner for Telcos, helping them cutting process costs and offering new digital experiences to customers based on a wide range of trust solutions that can be easily customized to their needs.

Use Cases

Why Telcos call us

  • new-customer-3

    Customer Onboarding

    We provide a superior digital experience in acquiring new customers wherever they are and processing SIM card requests in mere minutes.

  • process-automation-2

    Process Automation

    Approvals, supply chain, contract signature: our automated signature platform supports organizations by reducing the time they spend on these processes.

  • Omnichannel-sales-experience-2

    Omnichannel Sales Experience

    We target organizations’ sales teams, allowing them to close B2B or B2C contracts and agreements anywhere and on any device.

  • Digital-Services-Upselling-2

    Upselling Digital Services

    We provide a number of digital services (e.g. secure cloud storage, SSL certificates, etc.) that organizations can offer their customers as part of an upselling strategy.

  • Compliance-by-design-2

    Compliance by Design

    Our solutions comply with all major provisions of national and international laws (e.g. eIDAS and GDPR).

  • Liability-outsourcing-2

    Liability Outsourcing

    Implementing our trusted solutions lets Telcos outsource liability for all digital processes to the QTPS (e.g. identification, signing processes, document storage)


Our Customers can create value for their customers without increasing risk or losing margins

  • Business-Agility-3

    Cutting operating costs

    Drastically reduce operating costs by acquiring new customers digitally and leveraging our Digital Transaction Management Platform.

  • Security-and-compliance-2

    Reducing the risk of fraud

    Our audit trails, qualified certificates and other trust services help decrease the risk of fraud related to SIM cards and other transactions.

  • Office-mobility-2

    Innovation that matters

    The key challenge for Telcos to have a sustainable future is to engage Millennials and Gen Z: we provide the user experience they want.

  • Application-development-2

    Clear Timelines

    Right from the start, our managed IT support works within a set budget so our Customers get exactly what their business needs with no surprises at the end of the month.

Our Approach

We guide you in a digital (trust) world

  • Deep-Analysis-2

    Deep Analysis

    We know that every company is different. That’s why we start by analysing your processes in depth to understand how we can improve them.

  • Flexible-Design

    Flexible Design

    We design the most suitable solution for measurable increasing value in your processes and in full compliance with the law.

  • Agile-Delivery

    Agile Delivery

    We can easily insert our solution into your existing application.

Customer Success Stories

See how our solutions have helped our customers successfully digitize their business processes

Our Customers

Global Brands already working with InfoCert

Unicredit Bank
bnp paribas
Deutsche Bank
Credit Agricole
Intesa Sanpaolo
European Commission
Business cases

Learn more about the huge potential impact of InfoCert’s solutions

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