QES Identification process

A qualified electronic signature (QES) requires the signatory to verify their identity: choose the identification method that best suits your needs.

Compliant with the eIDAS regulation

InfoCert has Qualified Trust Service Provider status and is subject to periodic audits and regulatory oversight.

Verify your identity within a few minutes

Choose the identification method best suited to your needs: as of now you can manage the entire process independently, wherever and whenever you wish.

100% digital process, with the highest legal value

Flexible tools for checking identity and KYC credentials for a secure and intuitive onboarding experience via web or mobile.

What is the QES identification process and how does it work?

A qualified Electronic Signature is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in all EU Member States. To obtain it, the user must be identified and prove their identity to a Trust Service Provider (TSP) in compliance with the eIDAS Regulation. InfoCert offers two methods of identification for the QES: eDoc ID, a process with no waiting time, based on NFC technology, and online video identification with a qualified operator. Once this process has been completed, you can start using your Qualified Electronic Signature immediately to give legal value to your documents: the highest level of trust combined with the simplest user experience.

Get your Qualified Electronic Signature in a few minutes:

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eDoc ID

The new frontier in identification for your Qualified Electronic Signature eDoc ID is the first unattended identification method for the QES that, thanks to the use of advanced technology, allows you to proceed autonomously with an electronic document to prove your identity. Through a totally automatic identification process, the MyInfoCert app will enable you to obtain your Qualified Electronic Signature in a matter of minutes, in total security and without having to wait.

MyInfoCert app

The App that enables you to launch the identification process anywhere, anytime, thanks to your smartphone.

eID NFC reading

Thanks to NFC technology, InfoCert has the capacity to read the personal data on the electronic document.

Liveness detection

The component ensures that there is a live person in front of the camera.

Face matching

This automatically checks that the person providing the identity document is, in fact, the person to whom the document belongs

Sign digital documents from anywhere with QES

Choose the identification method:
VAT excluded

3 years validity

Video-identification with remote operator. Rely on our specialists

VAT excluded

3 years validity

Use NFC technology and prove your identity anywhere, any time. Why choose eDoc ID:

Online Video Call

The online video identification session is available from Monday to Friday, 9:00-18:00 CET. Click Here to see more details on allowed identity documents.

eDoc ID

This identification process is only available on mobile phones (smartphone with Android 7+ or iOS 13+ with NFC technology). Make sure that you have a currently valid electronic passport before proceeding, or an electronic ID Card (Italian citizens only).

Rely on our specialists

Perform your identity verification for the electronic signature by means of a video identification session conducted by a qualified operator on your smartphone or computer with a webcam.

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